Just three rules…

Grin #7:

If you can follow these three snow day rules, c’mon over:

Rule #1: There will be no counting of cookies or alcoholic beverages, as in “God, you’re having another one??” Rudeness!! (That’s a non snow-day rule too, by the way). Don’t be a wet blanket.

Rule #2: There will be no making fun of snow attire or lack thereof (including snow socks shown here).

Rule #3: Be the voice of reason. When the weathercaster says, “Don’t get out on those roads unless you absolutely have to” that, my friend, is an open invitation for my husband to fire up his Jeep Wrangler and let all hell break loose. And I could use a little help in talking him down. As soon as he hears that sentence, he says, “Let’s go.”

“But we don’t need anything,” I say.

“We must need something! C’mon! Maybe we’ll find someone stranded in a ditch.”

I’ve never quite figured out if he would actually help pull the person out of the ditch or just drive by and say, “That right there is exactly why most people should stay at home.”

Disclaimer: If there is someone actually outside our house squealing tires and doing donuts, I just sigh and put my shoes on.


8 Responses to “Just three rules…”

  1. I do believe I saw Jerry out there just a little while ago spinning around!

  2. Hey- I just heard tires squealing…er, rather sloshing. Could you guys pick up something for us while you’re out terrorizing the sledders with your Jeep. Thanks.

  3. P.S. I saw one boy wearing his mom’s boots, I wore my husbands pants, my toddler borrowed a neighbors shoes, my 6 yr old wore his PJs under his snow suit, and I found my scarf hanging from a neighbor’s mailbox. On snow days, fashion is for the birds!

  4. ahaha — love the rules, and I think we followed all of them! Jerry is a great driver in this mess and he was awesome to come and get us yesterday! We had a BLAST!

  5. We loved having you girl! Getting ready to go do some night sledding. I’m pretty sure I’m too old for that. And, yes, Jerry was spinning tires today. He’s such a show-off!!! 🙂

  6. Now those are some rules that I can live with! I stocked up on breakfast supplies (including double bacon) on Friday and we are in walking distance of a grocery store. Life is good.

  7. Don’t fret .. I had no snow attire either.. I mean really .. we hardly EVER get any snow.. I am not investing in some expensive attire just for one or two days.. and LOVE the rules… if he can go out and play in the car in the snow.. YOU can have as many cookies and drinks as you want to compensate for having to put up with them….

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