Top 5 things NOT to ask during the Super Bowl

GRIN #13

Oh, you should have SEEN the long faces at the bus stop this morning! Yep, kids, it’s all fun and games ’til you have to go to school on Saturday. Like we used to say back in the day: It sucks to be you. Meanwhile, the parent-folk are skipping home singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Okay, the SUPER BOWL is tomorrow, people. I just had to ask my husband who’s playing: the Saints vs. the Colts. You may not know this about me, but I’m a sports idiot. And we are supremely ANNOYING during the Super Bowl, but we insist on coming because of the food and commercials. On behalf of all sports idiots, I’m sorry about this. I promise we’ll leave you alone the rest of the year. During the game, my husband migrates to whichever room I’m NOT in to watch. But I’m learning.

Below, the top FIVE things NOT to ask during the Super Bowl tomorrow:

1. What color are we?

2. What’s a first down?

3. Why is that yellow line on the screen? Should I call Time Warner?

4. What did you think of the half-time show?

5. When is this going to be over?


I wanted to give a shout-out about a good friend of mine, Suzy Barile, who’s giving a reading from her new book Undaunted Heart: The True Story of a Southern Belle and a Yankee General at All Booked Up in downtown Apex at 2 pm today. Suzy is a fantastic writer and journalism teacher at Wake Tech and also active in the N.C. Press Club. This is a true love story that takes place during the Civil War. Good stuff. To learn more about Suzy’s book, visit or If you go, look for me:)

3 Responses to “Top 5 things NOT to ask during the Super Bowl”

  1. I’m so glad I read your blog cause I had no idea who was playing either!!

  2. This is great advice. It brought back memories of watching movies with you. You always had a million questions. I love the one about the yellow line…that is classic.

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