Bowl with it, baby

GRIN # 17

Okay, okay. I have a confession to make.  While I’ve been taking pictures of people’s recycling bins and chronicling what resolutions they’ve already given up on, I want to admit that I’ve given up too.

Instead of my usual New Year’s resolution to lose weight (the one I make every year) I decided this year to become a better bowler. The 52 I’d bowled with friends right before Christmas was downright embarrassing. All during January, I practiced. On the Wii. That does too count.

A few days ago we went for real. My husband, Jerry, bowled a strike right away (it’s so unfair, he doesn’t even TRY), and my six-year-old was doing great too, thanks to the bumpers. So everybody’s happy. I’m just focusing on my swing–or is it roll? Jerry tells me I’m turning my body too much, among other things, so I’m assuming a Gumby-like position as I run up to the line. It feels like I’m wearing diving flippers.

As I get ready to hurl the ball toward the lane, because I really do slap it down, my fingers slip out of the holes. Backward it goes, my nine-pounder heading straight into the stands. A man gallantly jumps up to retrieve it and hands it back to me. My husband rolls his eyes. Another man laughs, “Am I safe back here?” Hardy, har, har.

It’s all good until people you don’t know start laughing at you. Even the snack bar guy is laughing. My own son is laughing at me.

That’s it. I’m quitting. I don’t care anymore about being a better bowler. I’ll have to add this to the list of things on which I’ve given up, including: math, singing, sewing, checkers (yes, checkers), neat handwriting, road maps, ironed clothes, whiter whites and political conversations.

I’d like to think my motto is “Try, try again.” But if I’m honest, sometimes it’s simply: “If it’s too hard, quit.” Inspiring, maybe not, but it sure is easy.


16 Responses to “Bowl with it, baby”

  1. Were you drinking? I did this once during midnight madness bowling, but I WAS pretty tipsy!

  2. P.S. Richard said we should all go bowling one night!!

  3. Go with my dad’s motto, “Start off slow and taper off.”

  4. You are such a good sport !

  5. I want that to be my new motto too.. ” if it is too hard .. QUIT!” PERFECTO

  6. You were not looking in our recycle bin .. were you?? Gosh, I hope not!

  7. What a excellent blog entry, Thanks for sharing it with me. Have a Great day!

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