A simpler time

GRIN #27

Good morning, Gentle Readers (as Miss Manners would say):

I was feeling a little sassy yesterday, and I hope my language didn’t offend anyone. If so, I’m sorry. I try not to be a sewer mouth, but it’s fun every once in a while:)

Today, let’s go back to a simpler time when profanity rarely reared its ugly head. The year is 1944. The book: The Girl’s Daily Life. First printed in 1936, this was actually a text book in the Raleigh School System, registered to a one Dorothy Greene. I found it at the flea market for $5. I love the flea market.

Guys, do you like this one?

“A considerate girl does not expect a boy to spend more money on her than he can afford. There is due moderation in spending which a girl should help a boy observe. Gifts that a girl may receive from a boy should be impersonal ones, such as flowers, candy, stationery, or books.”

I love this one:

“After the birth of a baby, the mother will regain her strength gradually. She should not resume full responsibility of the home or care of the baby until she feels fully recovered. Extra help will be needed in the home for a few weeks.”

Yeah! What she said! Today, you’re totally expected to hit the ground running. Oh, the good old days.

Or not….

“The man who works hard all day has every reason to expect to find an attractive, neat wife waiting at home for him with an excellent appetizing meal. Good food helps to keep domestic machinery oiled. Humor and tolerance are also good lubricators.” I’m not touching that last part.

Here, I think it’s safe to say the hair guidelines from the forties are possibly for farm animals….I really don’t know…

“The shampoo: Keeping the hair clean is the most important item. The hair should be shampooed at least every two weeks.” Every two weeks?! Poor Dorothy!

Conclusion: We might cuss more, but our hair don’t stink.


3 Responses to “A simpler time”

  1. Are you keeping your husbands machinery well oiled

  2. Inquireing minds wanna kñow… Does Jerry feel you are keeping his machinery well oiled? (With a good wholsome meal of course.)

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