The brake man has the best job

GRIN # 28

These Olympians are just amazing. Go Lindsey Vonn! Shaun White! Julia Mancuso! The US. had more medals in its first week in Vancouver than it did for the entire Torino Olympics.

I love watching the two-man bobsled event. At first, I felt sorry for the brake man, the second guy in the sled. He misses the whole thing. He and his partner do a lot of grunting, yelling and running to get the thing going. Once they’re in, the brake man throws his head between his knees like an airsick kid.

He stays crouched down, eyeing the bottom of that death capsule until the very end, when he pops up and, I guess, applies the brake. You have to wonder how he got stuck being in the back while the front guy gets all the glory. If they win the gold, I can just imagine the conversation: “How was that Gold-medal ride? What was it like?”

First guy: “We reached speeds of almost 90 mph. The wind on my face was amazing; the whiteness of the track itself is blinding at that speed.”

Brake Man: “Yeah, we were going really fast. There’s trash in the bottom of the sled.”

But the more I think about it, maybe the brake man has the best job. Maybe he’s got a weak stomach and doesn’t particularly care to see his life flash before his eyes. Maybe the brake man is the smartest Olympian.


7 Responses to “The brake man has the best job”

  1. I love the way you see the funny sideof things maybe the brakeman is the smartest

  2. While watching bobsledding the other night, we decided being the brakeman would be a bad job. what if the driver had gas? then that poor guy would be stuck to breathe gas air. And nervous gas is always the worst. Poor brake guy.

  3. Your Grins make me laugh all of them I dont remember the sourkraut that is funny funny

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