Veterinarian critters

GRIN # 29

On our way back from Myrtle Beach last weekend, my 18-year-old niece was studying the menu of a local Asian restaurant. It’s a fancy restaurant, and she’s thinking of becoming a waitress so she has to learn all the dishes.

My mom was quizzing my niece, and they’d gone through quite a few menu items. Next on the list was “Vegetarian Fritters.”

Adjusting her glasses, my mom held the menu away a bit: “Okay, next. Veterinarian Critters.

It was all over after that. My sister, who was driving, almost had to pull over. I immediately launched into one of my most-beloved schticks– -the phone call to the pet store owner whose expired animals will soon be tomorrow’s Special of the Day.

“Yeah, let’s see, I’ve got two gerbils, a rabbit, one ferret, two cats and an old dog. You want everything? Great! You guys must be busy. Listen, I’ll drop them off in the back in about 15 minutes.”

“It’s not funny!” my niece yelled, rolling her eyes. “I have to learn this!”

Oh, but it is funny. It’s the oldest funniest joke there is. So I wanted to share one of my favorite links below. Like the joke, this link is old, but it still makes me laugh. And let me just go ahead and apologize in advance if anyone owns an Asian restaurant.

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