The $600 sandwich

GRIN #30

So the Second Annual National Truffle Festival starts in just two days in Asheville, NC at the Grand Bohemian Hotel and runs through Sunday Feb. 27 (

Sorry, not chocolate truffles. The mushroom kind. Very expensive, elusive mushrooms. It’s the stuff of fairy tales. Specially trained dogs or pigs sniff around and dig up the truffles, which grow on the roots of special trees. Not magic fairy-tale trees like I first thought, but regular old trees whose roots are inoculated with truffle spores. The truffles sell for between $800 and $2,000 A POUND.

Could mushrooms one day replace tobacco? There are already more than 100 family-owned truffle farms in NC.

I once wrote a story about a N.C. truffle grower who made me a grilled cheese sandwich with Black Perigord truffles, which sell for $1,200 a pound. I figured I was eating a $600 sandwich. My lunch was worth more than my assignment. It occurred to me I might be in the wrong field.

Anyway, you guys know I’m not a foodie, but it’s pretty cool that some of the Triangle’s finest chef’s will attend  and cook against each other in a risotto competition, including Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Downtown Diner, Scott Crawford of Herons at The Umstead Hotel and Spa, Matt Kelly of Vin Rouge, Vivian Howard of Chef & The Farmer and John Currence,  named “Best Chef South” in 2009 by the Chef James Beard Foundation.

Proceeds from the festival will benefit the Frankie Lemmon Foundation, a great organization that supports the education of kids with special needs. I know several kids who attend the school so I wanted to give the Truffle Festival a big shout-out.

I guess you could say there’s a fungus amongus this weekend. I’m sorry. Sometimes I just can’t help it.


2 Responses to “The $600 sandwich”

  1. I guess I shouldn’t be expecting that you’ll be making any of those $600 sandwiches anytime soon?

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