More edamame please

GRIN # 32

As a freelance writer, it’s a good rule of thumb to know a little bit about a lot of different things–healthcare, computers, economics, farming, fashion, nutrition etc. I do okay most of the time. But I have a real hard time with fancy stuff.

The last fancy work party I went to, I picked up a few edamame pods thinking they were sugar snap peas. I didn’t know you were supposed to shell them and eat the beans. Otherwise, it’s like eating a peanut in the hull.

No idea at the time. I crunched along and the pods began to feel like so many strands of hay and dirt in my mouth. I stopped chewing, hoping the speaker and those around me couldn’t hear the racket going on in my mouth. I found a cloth napkin and walked to the back of the room and spat out the whole dirty mess. What kind of place serves that?” I wondered.

“Don’t eat any of that,” I advised a fellow writer when I returned. “It’s disgusting.”

Edamame is not disgusting, I’m just not that cultured. For me, a good party is a case of beer on ice and a couple of pizzas (frozen’s fine!). My mom’s entertaining advice has always been to have plenty of alcohol on hand in the event the food runs out.

So it was bit of a stretch when I was assigned a series on entertaining.

I was to interview the proprietor of a high-priced, high-quality china shop. When I found out some of the place settings (dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, cup) were $1,200, I stopped. “Seriously?” I inquired. The proprietor looked over her glasses at me. “This is porcelain from London.”

Huh. I was just thinking of all the stuff I could get for $1,200. I could get fat sucked out of my neck. Or new carpet. Or a beach house for a week. OR five really fancy dishes that I would then have to use. It made me tired just thinking about the dinner party I’d have to throw with that china.  Who would I even invite?

That story never did turn out quite right. I just couldn’t buy into the concept of fancy entertaining. The series was turned over to another writer. Failure? I guess. But I did learn how to eat edamame. That’s progress.


10 Responses to “More edamame please”

  1. I am still laughing

  2. Julie ellison Says:

    This makes me think about the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts was eating in the fancy restaurant. She had clams or some sort of “slippery little suckers” that she tossed across the room in her attempt to open them. You’re the new Julia Roberts! 🙂

  3. I’m with you Chrissy. Fancy restaurants intimidate me! Richard and I went to the Farrington House one time and we still laugh about it. I mean how many times has someone asked you what kind of water you want? HA!!

  4. omg! you are hilarious, i just can’t get enough. It reminds me of the age old adage. “you can dress her up, but you can’t take her out.” Which unfortunately, Elliot says about me often. haha!

  5. Aunt Rachel Says:

    Your grandfather grew edamame on his farm in SE missouri. He called it soybeans.

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