The skulls you want, the seats you need

GRIN # 34

Last Saturday I decided to hit the Raleigh Flea Market at the Fairgrounds.  Because you can always find something you need there.

Like skulls. From your regulation cadaver model to the shrunken head for your coffee table. 

And what collection would be complete without the animal skull with hand-painted horns?

But I digress. I’m always going off and getting distracted. You can find things you NEED too.

Like a cleverly bearded dinosaur.

Or lemon extract that’s older than you are (the date on the yellow box is 1-3-71)

And, FINALLY,  you find the bling-studded toilet seat you’ve been looking for.

But times are tough. There’s a  discount version right next door. The guy might even GIVE it to you.


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