Can I lie?

GRIN #35

I have good news and bad news about my blogging adventures.

The good news is I haven’t been yelled at for taking pictures of people’s stuff. Yet.

The bad news is I can’t figure out how to take close-ups of actual people that I want to make fun of–without getting popped in the head.

You see my problem.

I really am too chicken to even try.

So my question is: Can I lie?

Last week at the Flea Market I saw a man in a kilt with a fox-head man-purse hanging from his neck. It was just too good! He was walking right toward me.

My camera was on.  Here he comes…

I couldn’t do it! He walked right past me.

I started following him, stalking him.

Snapping pictures of his rear like a big perv.

Since I couldn’t FACE him, I didn’t even get the MURSE.

Damn! Some journalist I am.

What if I’d said, “Sir, I just love your kilt. I’m Scottish myself. Do you mind if I take a picture?”

Is that bad mojo? Will I ruin my kharma forever?

Am I too old to start lying?

It’s for the greater good–sort of.


4 Responses to “Can I lie?”

  1. I wouldn’t — bad karma would definitely follow, in the form of either a lawsuit or worse, an embarrassing question that catches you in your lie. Something like, “Ach! What clan, Lass?”

  2. I wish I could have seen him how didyou keep from laughing and poiting

  3. Chris Donaldson Says:

    Actually, it’s called a sporran and it was hanging around his waist. Kilts don’t have pockets, so it’s where we stash our keys and wallets. Sporrans were originally made exclusively from animal pelts, head and all.

    Most true scotsmen would be proud to be photographed. I wouldn’t have minded posing either, though I’d be mad as hell if I found out it was simply to make fun of me.

    • See, this is why I love blogging–because I am learning so much. Very interesting about the sporran, Chris. I was only going to poke fun at the sporran, but now I’m feeling really guilty about that.

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