Dr., can we be friends?

GRIN #36

The other day I had someone ask me how I could do this blog. Wasn’t I worried about what people thought of me? Wasn’t I worried about exposing my life, my failures etc.?

Nah. Life’s short. And there’s no censorship in writing. Maybe I’m finally at an age where it’s okay if people don’t like me. Not everyone’s going to want to be my friend.

However, there is ONE person I am always wooing.

I want a doctor friend so bad I can’t stand it.

Can you imagine? “It’s good to see you! Hey, before we go to dinner can you look at this rash? Whaddya think? Do you have any samples that would take care of that?”

The closest I’ve been able to get is my oldest brother, a dentist. And he doesn’t really have a choice, if you think about it. He always removes my stitches after a mole check. Just so you know, whenever you go to the dermatologist for a mole check, it’s not a check, they WILL be scraping something off.

Recently, my brother took out my stitches with a rusty pocketknife and a pair of tweezers. Such sad tools. Clearly, it was time to pump up my search for Dr. Friend.

It would be a very beneficial arrangement. We could talk about current events, recent movies. Have a beer or two, a glass of wine. He could tell me all of his “great book ideas,” and I would be very obliging and patient. (Everyone has a “great book idea.” If you ever want to see a writer escape to the bathroom, bring up yours). So, see, I would be a good friend, too. Then, I could show off the malady plaguing me and we’d be even.

The problem is I don’t know how to make a doctor friend. They rebuff my advances, my small talk. I think they can sense I want to leech them dry.

I just wish I could get a referral.


One Response to “Dr., can we be friends?”

  1. Ok, most of my doctor friends are cyclists. That said, I think Jerry is holding out on you!

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