The good, the bad and the obvious

GRIN # 45

From yesterday’s News & Observer:

1. First, the good news.

Drink up and slim down, study says. Women who drink moderately don’t gain as much weight in midlife as those who abstain, researchers found.”

Did I die and go to heaven? I don’t want to know the definition of “moderately.” The headline is good enough for me.

2. Now for the bad news:

“Inmates can write, state says after ACLU suit.” Oh, HELL! If it wasn’t for #1 I’d be going back to bed. It’s hard enough to get published without competing with felons.

3. Finally, the obvious.

Headline, front page: “Experts: Fewer blows to head would reduce brain damage.” Duh, duh and duh.

The story goes on to say that the NHL , like professional football, is plagued by concussions and it might be time to take a stand on the issue. The Hurricanes general manager says, “We’ve talked about it enough,and we’ve got enough information.”

How much do you need, really? Mushed head equals mushed brain. Are we waiting on rocket science to confirm it? Just ask a few professional boxers, not mentioning any names, cough, cough, Muhammad Ali. Isn’t that evidence enough?

I love a slow news day.


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