Sticking it to the man

GRIN # 47

I’ve been a trash stacker from way back.

“Take it out!” my dad would yell, as I balanced a yogurt cup expertly on the edge.

I haven’t grown out of it.

In our master bathroom, it’s really bad, a Leaning Tower of Pisa against the wall, gaining height as the week progresses.

“What if I put another little trash can in the bathroom?” my husband asked. “Or one big kitchen trash can?”

The thought tickled me. “Stop it! You’re making me laugh, and I have to pee.”


I know he is. He took a picture of the overflowing trash can and emailed it to me, thinking he could shame me into reforming.

Simple, simple man.

I am beyond shaming.

The problem is, I don’t care about the trash. It’s one of the few chores that’s not my responsibility.

So maybe I’m just sticking it to the man.

Here’s what might work:

Put down the toilet seat

…then we’ll talk.


3 Responses to “Sticking it to the man”

  1. So true, Chrissy! How hard is it to put down a toilet seat?

  2. Tom Moog Says:

    I have to tell you… I have been putting the seat down for 10 years… It’s not a rule, just something I do. I do have to wonder why ALL women feel like it is the man’s responsibility to put it down. Why is it the man’s fault that a woman does not have the foresight to look at where she is sitting BEFORE dipping her rear end into the can? In over 40 years, I have NEVER ONCE “fallen in” the toilet. I’m just sayin’…

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