Security breach

GRIN # 50

There are two things that perpetually confuse me: financial stuff and technology.

I went to the bank last week to talk about 529s, which led to a discussion of bonds and CDs and taxable and non-taxable money. And I’m still reeling from that. I had flashbacks while helping Tyler with his homework which was basically just adding up quarters and dimes. So I need a real breather from money for a while. Unless someone’s giving it away.

But I want to tackle technology. Two questions. Not rhetorical. I’m genuinely confused. C’mon Computer folks; I know you know the answer to at least one of these.

1. The crazy, squiggle code: What if you can’t READ the code you’re supposed to type in the box when you’re ordering online? Is that the letter “l” or the number “1?” Is it a lower case “a” or a funky “o?” If you’re too stupid or blind to guess correctly, the system kicks you off and you try again, hoping for a more decipherable code.

Are programmers worldwide sitting around saying, “NO, that’s way too easy. Let’s curve it up like this and shadow it. They’ll never get this one.”  What is the POINT of the squiggle code?

2. The “security” code on the back of your credit card: I’m talking about that little three-digit code on the back of your credit card. It’s called a security code and yet they go to great lengths to tell everyone what and where it is. How secure its that?

Soooo, if my card is stolen, some Yahoo can buy whatever he wants, since they’re telling him where the damn code is.

Provided he can read the squiggle code.

Someone? Please?


2 Responses to “Security breach”

  1. Tim DeWees Says:

    Don’t feel bad, I have a really hard time reading those squiggle codes too. I think the idea behind them is that a person can (maybe) read them, but computer text recognition software can’t read them. So if Joe Blow wants to advertise his latest widget, he can’t write a computer program to register on every message board under the sun to advertise his stuff. The program won’t be able to read the squiggle code.

    I think that credit card code only helps online. Your credit card number may be stored online if you have bought things through the internet, but hopefully someone won’t be able to use the number if they don’t have that extra 3 digit code. If you lose the card, you’re just screwed anyway. 🙂

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