GRIN # 52

I decided to get back on the bike this weekend. Not Jerry-style, mind you.

Just a regular cruise through the woods on the Tobacco Trail, this nifty nature trail about three miles from my house.

Jerry and I have tried to ride bikes together before, back when “togetherness” was a common marital goal.

I like to stop pedaling sometimes and coast, spinning the pedals backward while I look at all the trees.

Interrupting my reverie, Jerry would invariably yell, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you pedaling?” when I started to lag behind.

“I’m looking!” I would yell.

“For what?”

“At the scenery!”

“If you’re not pedaling, you’re not riding!”

Then he would double back and ride up behind me and imitate me pedaling and coasting, making up his own sound for the pedals not moving. “Pedal, pedal, whissh…Pedal, pedal whissh.” I know. I think I would have been acquitted, too.

“GO AHEAD WITHOUT ME!!” (“You ass!” I refrained from adding).

And that’s how we stopped riding together for exercise. He still rides with me and T, but only after he’s gotten in a “real” ride.

The indignity.

Sometimes, when I’m in an evil mood, I sidle up next to him and say sweetly, “Do you miss me when you ride? Wouldn’t it be great to have something we do together?”

Once I see the fear in his eyes, I cackle and say “As if!” and all is right in the world again.


10 Responses to “Coasting”

  1. I’ll ride with you on the Tobacco Trail and look at scenery. I definitely don’t ride “Jerry style”.

  2. Poor Jerry. Btw, ever ridden the Greenway at the Art Museum? We took the boys there last weekend and it was awesome — in the true sense of that word. Beautiful trail with artwork and other cool features all along it, plus the bridge over the Beltline at the end!

    • I knew there were walking trails but I didn’t know you could ride. Great idea for track-out!! Thanks Dan; maybe we can try it this weekend since it’s going to be so nice.

      • It’s pretty hilly in parts, but the boys were able to walk their bikes whenever it became too steep. You might see us back there with the Cub Scouts this weekend!

  3. Yeah…. togetherness in marriage is highly over rated. If we were meant to be joined at the hip, we would have had surgery.

  4. U r lucky…Donald rides behind me the whole time …eagle-eyeing my pedals. If he heard a “whishh” he’d holler at me like a drill sargeant. Then he asks if I’m having fun! 🙂 (don’t tell him I am)

  5. I feel sure you would have been aquitted I am still laughing

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