Mona Lisa DNA for sale

GRIN # 53

Did you hear about the New Zealand woman who recently sold the “spirits” of two ghosts for $1,395? They are trapped in vials of what appear to be blue toilet water.

Apparently, the proceeds will go to the SPCA, minus exorcism costs. Uh, huh. I’m betting those costs come to about $1,395.

And in 2008, some goober from Austin, Texas paid $1,350 for a Corn Flake that was the spitting image of the state of Illinois. See the picture?

Some people have too much money.

More importantly, I want in.

Seriously. I can make up stuff and hunt for weird things just as well as the next person.

Fortunately, I have not vacuumed yet today (okay, this week, but don’t tell anyone), so I have a veritable archeology dig at my disposal.

  • The following item hails from the dig in my bedroom. It appears to be a strand of DNA, slightly curved in the shape of an “M,” indicating it will reveal the composition of the Mona Lisa’s exact genetic structure. I’ll start the bidding at $400. THIS IS A BARGAIN! ACT NOW!

I found a pear with the facial features of Lawrence Welk, but it wasn’t photogenic. Next on the list for exploration is raisins, followed by lunch meat.

You can always find something weird in lunch meat.


2 Responses to “Mona Lisa DNA for sale”

  1. You are hilarious. I’ve recently started to follow your blog and you always get a smile or a grin, but today I laughed so hard. Thanks.

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