Harris Teeter ain’t no Golden Corral

GRIN # 54

Back to the grocery store yesterday–the reason I work.

The grocery store is like a microcosm of the world. And yesterday I ended up with the moochers.

A mom and two teenage daughters wheeled in and set their sights on the strawberry samples, nearly crashing into my cart. The moved on quickly, hitting the cantaloupe and oranges before I could finish wrestling my head of romaine into a baggie.

They went methodically from station to station. I was fascinated.

At the deli counter, an older woman (or maybe it was a man) stood about three inches behind me, breathing on the back of my neck, before I realized I was blocking the boiled ham station.

I moved over by the cakes and he/she followed me, absconding with a chunk of cinnamon raisin bread in a plastic cup.

I sighed. The deli lady was taking forever.

Suddenly, the women were back. But they turned their nose up at the bread offering.

“It looks dry.”

That’s because it is. Samples are just one day away from being thrown in the dumpster.

Going to the grocery store under normal circumstances is bad enough, so I’m just gonna lay this out: The Harris Teeter ain’t no Golden Corral.

It’s confusing, I know. After all, the samples are under sneeze guard domes.

Can you imagine all the hands that have been under that dome?

Kids are excused. They are supposed to sample crazily. This is what kids do.

Sampling is the one thing that stands in the way of a mother strangling her kids at the grocery. I speak from experience.

But, if you’re old enough to drive, don’t scavenge the place like a seagull.

It’s just…..desperate.

Later, I passed the same three ladies in the paper aisle. The had one item in their cart: trash bags.

Maybe the Harris Teeter is their idea of a fun outing with refreshments–a little price-checking, some boiled ham, a square of Muenster.

Good times.


One Response to “Harris Teeter ain’t no Golden Corral”

  1. people really do that it iritates me but you see the funny side oh well some people donot have any Manners

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