GRIN # 58

At the risk of sounding like a washed-up Las Vegas lounge singer: I’m here all year, and I do take requests. So, please, throw ’em on me.

Today, I’m going to honor one such request. Several readers want to hear about pet peeves.

I’ve thought a lot about pet peeves. Not surprisingly, I still have no idea how something can make one person so crazy while not bothering another in the slightest.


  • My friend Wendy can’t stand the soda dispensers with the push button instead of the lever (who knew??).
  • My sister will practically pull the gum out of your mouth. If she doesn’t know you well enough to do that, she will make a loud comment about how disgusting gum is.
  • My friend JoAnn wants to strangle the cashier who gives change dollars first with coins on top.
  • If someone, anyone, honks at my husband while he’s driving, even if it’s not AT us, he slows to a crawl and shouts “WHO IS HONKING? WHERE ARE THEY? THEY BETTER NOT BE HONKING AT ME!” It’s downright scary.
  • I am maniacal about coughers. Even my own child! I know he can’t help it, but I don’t care! Take a cough drop. Drink some water!!
  • Complainers really get on my nerves too. Complain once or twice, then fix it. If you’re not gonna fix it or can’t fix it, get off the complainin’ pot and learn how to live with it. This is why therapy was invented.


What peeves YOU the most?


25 Responses to “WHO IS HONKING?”

  1. You forgot my Biggest peeve….people who are too lazy to return their shopping cart to the cart return. UGH!!!

    • NO! I SO did not forget!! I want FEEDBACK!! And now you listed it–Yay! Plus look on FB, I put it in the header. You and the grocery carts. Will you still be my friend if I confess I don’t always put it back??!

  2. Tori Scuderi Says:

    Tony will tell you that everything he does gets on my nerves….but the one that grossest me out the most is when someone blows their nose at the table while we’re eating…..ew!

  3. Carly Williams Says:

    AHHH! i can’t stand the hiccups and SNORING! UGHHHH biggest pet peeves everrrr.

  4. Wow, I have sooo many… I guess the worst would have to be stupid people. I’m not talking educated. I’m talking the lack of common sense! Drives me nuts!!!! (Especially if you live with it!! LOL!!)

    • You are so funny!! You are going to get in trouble if Mark is reading this!! I’m still laughing!!

      • So I guess I’m the stupid one now!! LOL! Unfortunately, he doesn’t read it. It’s too cheery for him!! Don’t worry though, I read them to him…. just not the comments!! LOL! I guess that was pretty bitchy! Sorry…. not a great day, read my FB.

      • Actually, later I was laughing just thinking about this one b/c I realized you could be talking about ME. I’m not always the brightest light when it comes to common sense stuff.

  5. Tim DeWees Says:

    One of my biggest is people who stand idly by in the grocery line while their mountains of groceries are being checked and bagged. Then only AFTER all of that is complete, they fumble around to get out their checkbook to pay for it. I seriously may kill the next person in front of me in line who does that! šŸ˜‰

  6. One of mine (and I have many) is people parking their car(s) on the street even when they have a perfectly fine driveway/garage.

    Another is when people let their dogs poop in your yard and don’t even bother to clean it up. Listen up people – if I wanted to step in or pick up dog poop then I would get MY OWN DOG!

  7. How about when someone blows their nose at the table with their Napkin now that is really bad bad and of course chewing gum

  8. Caryl WEbb Says:

    People chewing gum is the absolute worst (like cows chewing cud!), but a couple of other personal pet peeves:
    1. People who pull out in front of you and then go about 20 miles per hour……if you are going to pull out in front of me, you’d better GO!
    2. Moms in mini-vans yacking on the phone going about 25 miles per hour, oblivious to the rest of the world………hang up and DRIVE! Nothing is that important!!
    3. People who, in a crowded mall or store, stand right in the MIDDLE of the aisle to talk with their neighbor, friend, or whomever — MOVE out of the way! Whew — I feel better already!

    • You are SO funny!! I can especially hear you saying #1!!

    • Ooo–oooh!! What about men shopping with their wives?? Go home and watch the football game. You’re in our way! Because all three of yours have to do with people being in your way.

      • Caryl Webb Says:

        Yes, I agree — go home already or go play golf! OK, one more……….what about the lady in line with the grocery cart RIGHT ON YOUR HEELS! We’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so BACK OFF! ahahahah

      • Yep, that’s right in line with my grocery store etiquette. Another thing I don’t like–wet blankets!! Think Eeyore.

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