GRIN’s Top Ten

GRIN # 60

Ladies, You know you’re getting old when…..

1. Your moles need a haircut.

2. Your bathing suit needs a crinoline.

3. At the concert, you yell “Is this bad for our hearing?”

4. You bring your Fish Oil capsules to Girl’s Weekend.

5. You don’t have to worry about birth control.

6. You’re hotter than everyone else–and not in a good way.

7. You consider Botox.

8. You get Botox.

9. You love Botox.

10. And the number one reason you know you’re getting old: You can’t sleep past 8. ARGHGHGHGH!

Tomorrow: Guys, it’s your turn.

And now, a little promotional SIDE NOTE:

If you write or have ever wanted to be a writer…

  • Check out the Triangle Area Freelancers Non-fiction Writers’ Conference this Saturday March 27th at Wake Tech’s Main Campus on 9101 Fayetteville Road. The first sessions start at 10 am; topics range from “How to Write the Perfect Query Letter” (I’ll be doing that one!) to podcasting, technology, following the human interest story and writing for niche markets (pop culture, gardening and cooking). Keynote speaker is Amanda Lamb, a published author and WRAL TV 5 crime reporter. Lamb’s new book “The Evil Next Door” (about the local Stephanie Bennett murder) is on shelves April 6. More about that in an upcoming GRIN.
  • Cost includes breakfast and lunch; $69 at the door; $59 pre-purchase; $49 for students. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

6 Responses to “GRIN’s Top Ten”

  1. So how soon after attending this will you be starting your cooking blog? LOL

    • BAHAH!!! Girl, talk about Mission Impossible. Sandra Guiterrez (and I’m probably misspelling her last name) will be teaching that. She writes a cooking column and also writes for Relish magazine. The stuff she talks about just makes my mouth water, but I can’t imagine cooking it only eating it:) Now I could do a killer blog on eating!

  2. so I’m still unclear about the whole fish oil thing and what vitamins I should be taking. Does this mean I’m not quite “old” yet???

    • Girlfriend, everybody takes fish oil. Well, except me. I tried and for the whole day I felt like I’d eaten 15 pounds of fish for lunch. Ewwww. I still shudder when I think about it. Let’s just say you’re not old yet!

  3. OMG I fit into all those catagories. SUCKS.

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