Guys, you know you’re getting old when…

GRIN # 61

1.There’s more hair on your back than your head.

2. Your toenails look like your Dad’s.

3. You go to fix the creak in the stairs and realize it’s your knee.

4. You can say “Uranus” without laughing.

5. “Pull my finger” is no longer your favorite joke.

6. You find your wife crushing a little blue pill into your chicken pot pie.

7. You’ve worn the hair off your shins.

8. Periodically you say, “WHAT? Why are you mumbling?”

9. You’ve got hair in weird places…

10. And the number one reason you know you’re getting old…Your eyebrows have tentacles!

Happy Friday!

8 Responses to “Guys, you know you’re getting old when…”

  1. OMG- I’m an old man!!

  2. Can anyone really say”Uranus” without laughing — No matter what the age? HeHeHe

  3. That is disgusting! Where did you get that hairy back pic? SOOO nasty!!!

  4. Tori Scuderi Says:

    I bet Jerry and Greg say ‘pull my finger’ all day long at work and still laugh about it!

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