Grinners are winners

GRIN #62

I always knew it was true and now there’s a study to confirm it.

Researchers at Wayne State University in Michigan studied 230 photos of Major League baseball players from the 1952 Baseball Register and grouped them by how they smiled in the photos.

The biggest “GRINNERS,” those with smiles big enough to make crow’s feet, lived on average SEVEN years longer than those who deadpanned to the camera and more than four years longer than those with partial smiles. Who knew crow’s feet could be so good? I’m looking at mine now in a new way.

While this might all seem a little unscientific, the study was published in Psychological Science, which noted the results were congruent with other studies showing a definite correlation between mood and health.

SOOO…..GRIN til you get crow’s feet! Here, my favorite grinner.


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