The people you’re afraid of–or should be.

GRIN #63

The PTA president: Duck, dodge, do whatever you can to get the hell out of her sight because you will get roped into making twenty-two pounds of home-made playdough for the art festival, chairing the annual fundraiser or stuffing teacher’s mailboxes with Tootsie Rolls.

Well-meaning people: Especially those that say, “Oh! There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. Do you have a minute?” No, no and no.

The kiosk people: The ones hawking lotions, hair straighteners, hand-held massagers and fake ponytails. Keep walking.

The tax man:  Maybe you’re lucky enough to file a 1040 on your own, but I need help. And I understand my taxes about as well as I can read braille. When my guy calls, I’m going to be flat broke shortly after.

The police: Technically, they’re community helpers–that’s what we tell our kids, but, really, when you see blue lights in the rearview, it’s never a good thing.


11 Responses to “The people you’re afraid of–or should be.”

  1. Christa,

    The main police station for Raleigh has been moved “temporarily” to within 2 miles of my home. My mommy exterior has to keep reminding my inner delinquent that this is a good thing ;).

  2. watch what you say about us PTA moms!!!:>))

  3. and let’s not forget the people who come up to you whilst you’re in the mall (or like me, trying frantically to get OUT of the mall!) and say “would you like to take a survey?!”

  4. I’m not afraid of the kiosk folks but damn they bother me!! Leave, Me, Alone, People!!

  5. I wish the kiosk people could be avoided! One of them physically restrained me recently. The resulting story is probably a future Bain’s Beat, so I won’t share the details just yet. But beware — some of them are too dogged to avoid!!

    • My sister actually yelled at one one time. My back was hurting at the mall and I needed to sit down and she followed me over there and said, “My sister is going to rest. You leave her alone!” They must have thought I was a nutcase or a mute!

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