How does the Easter Bunny get inside?

GRIN #64

Whoever conjured up the Easter Bunny didn’t finish the dang story. He leaves a basket of candy, dyed eggs–fine. But how, exactly, does the Easter Bunny get inside?

I don’t sit around thinking about this stuff, obviously, but, hey, my kid wants to know.

“I think he comes down the chimney,” I said to Tyler, my head buried in the paper.

“The chimney?” Jerry asked.

“Yeah, wouldn’t his fur get dirty?” Tyler asked.

I sighed. Laundry, dishes, work, smelly soccer cleats, unidentified goo on the carpet and now this.

To find the answer, I did what I always do. I Google.

Googling gets me into trouble. I usually end up at the doctor’s with an imaginary tumor or glaucoma.

But this time, I found my answer.

For six bucks, you can buy a Magic Easter Bunny key from a company in New Hampshire and leave it on the doorstep so the old boy can just let himself in. Well, you could buy it. It’s now sold out; apparently I’m not the only one dealing with inquiring minds.

Others have tried to write the ending of Easter Bunny legend, which originated in Germany in the 1600s. “The Easter Bunny apprenticed with a locksmith many centuries ago, learning how to pick locks using his teeth.” That is just downright creepy. The Easter Bunny has criminal tendencies.

WikiAnswers says: “It is almost certain that the Easter Bunny possesses whatever magical abilities enable him to pass through solid surfaces or go up and down chimneys, just like Santa Claus/Father Christmas does.”

HAH-HA! I was right! How dare they doubt me.

And he can deal with his own damn dirty fur.


5 Responses to “How does the Easter Bunny get inside?”

  1. Did you know that Bunnies are magical whether they are Easter bunnies or not? That why magician’s use them and why my son’s turned into a Guinea pig when it outgrew it’s cage.

  2. I’ve never understood that whole Easter Bunny story anyways! I mean last time I checked, chickens made eggs…….not bunnies…so shouldn’t we be waiting for the “Easter Chicken” instead?? And true to my desire to one day win the Masters, I keep a 3 wood iron in my office; so if the Easter Bunny ever did pick my lock and get in the house, he’d find out what “driving from the championship tees” is all about!

    That hollow easter chocolate worries me too… can never eat the whole thing all at once and usually the candy eyes or ears are the first to get eaten so what happens is this incredibly deformed looking bunny with no eyes or ears or feet ends out sitting on the kitchen counter for days. Again, maybe it’s just me, but most young boys tend to get the hollow easter bunny chocolate in one hand and a hammer in the other….you can see where that combination is heading!

    One final thing I’ve noticed about Easter; ever notice that most of the roadkill around Easter just happens to be bunnies….I’m willing to bet that the “Easter Chicken” behind the wheel of his F-150 has something to do with that! 🙂

  3. my mom said she lets him in but i now that she is the easter bunny

  4. fiverr…

    […]How does the Easter Bunny get inside? « GRIN[…]…

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