“Go ahead and risk a little brain damage”

GRIN # 65

So, I have a confession to make: I take a little nip of the Botox once in a while.


I did it for a story. It was either that or laser hair removal of the armpit (shudder). I’m not that hairy of a person.

Anyway, I really liked the results. I battle both wrinkles and acne so if I can paralyze the former, I’m all for it.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not seriously addicted. Not like those scary co-anchors you see on Inside Edition. I can’t stop watching them, their orange skin stretched across their faces like Saran Wrap. But I digress.

I’ve only had Botox once after the story incident, in July, but I was thinking of getting a refill before my 20th reunion.

Then I saw the study. Recently Italian researches discovered that in rats, Botox (a form of botulism that paralyzes the muscles) occasionally seeped back into the rats’ brains, causing damage. Yeah. Brain damage.

Damn! Doesn’t that always happen when you find something you like?

That’s it. No more of that stuff for me. I’m on the wagon.

I mentioned it to my mom and sister over the weekend, casually.

“Huh,” my sister said. “Go ahead and do it if you want to. If that doesn’t get you, something else will. Eating baloney or something like that. ”

Baloney? That’s close to sausage, and we all know how I feel about that.

“You know,” my mom chimed in, “You could just get it one more time before the reunion and then stop.”


This encouragement can only mean two things:

1. I’m already brain-damaged to the point that a little more won’t hurt; and

B. My wrinkles are bad enough to justify the risk.

Frankly, one of my wagon wheels is getting a little wobbly.


9 Responses to ““Go ahead and risk a little brain damage””

  1. Caryl Webb Says:

    Girl, go for it! Like I said, if Botox doesn’t get you, something else will! Not that you need it……..you look awesome and yeah, OK, you might already be a little dim upstairs so a little Botox isn’t going to hurt anything. ahahahah

  2. A. Your wrinkles are not bad enough to justify the risk. B. Your going to need all of those brain cells to compensate for Shelley & I when we are all “in the home.” Don’t do it!!! LOL!

  3. You’re way too young to be doing BOTOX already. Where do I sign up for the writing assignment where I HAVE to try it though? I’m ripe for the sticking!

  4. I’m behind Gina on this one….we need all the brain cells we can get! (LOL! :)) Many people ask me how I look so great even at 41; I tribute it to 2 things: 1. that lil’ dab of Oil of Olay every night (haha!) and 2. since I am a comedian, my love for comedy. He does use profanity in it, but if you pick up “Robin Williams Live on Broadway” and don’t laugh a few wrinkles clear off your face, I don’t know what will! (and yes, I take great pride that some think I resemble a younger Robin Williams!)

    Eating baloney is fine….but if you become addicted to Spam, well, that’s a whole other blog discussion on its own! 🙂

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