Fooled ya!

GRIN # 67

This was supposed to be a magazine article, but space was tight and it got cut. So, dear readers, I’m basically using this cast-off for today’s blog entry.

Aw, don’t be mad. I’m recycling.

Have you got your game on yet? Who are you going to prank today?

Believe it or not, there is a website wholly dedicated to April Fool’s Day ( Consider:

  • Face-painting: Got a heavy sleeper in your house? Draw on a fake mustache and a second pair of eyes. Just hope the victim doesn’t wake up before you’re finished.
  • Super Glue: Use it to glue coins to the sidewalk and watch as folks try to pick them up.
  • Pingpong: Strategically place these bouncy balls inside high cupboards and enjoy the free-fall.
  • Fake snakes: Or spiders, cock roaches placed in bathrooms, beds or cabinets. Hey, it may be the oldest trick in the book but it works.
  • Oreo Abuse.

The best prank played on me…

(by Karen Addy Rhodes, Raleigh)

“My mom e-mailed me to ask, ‘Would you think we were crazy if I told you we were planning to adopt a child from Ethiopia?’ This was within a year or two of my cousin having adopted a child from Ethiopia; on the one hand, it didn’t seem completely out of character for my parents to consider it too. On the other hand, my mom was almost sixty, and my dad five years older than her! I had completely forgotten it was April 1, and she totally had me going. I was simultaneously relieved and disappointed when she told me they weren’t really planning to do it. “

The best prank I ever played was…

(by Beth Quarles, Vermont)

“I played a really good one on my now husband when we first moved in together. He keeps the top of his dresser cluttered with junk and I can’t stand to look at it, so one day I decided to clean it off and came across some of his original baseball cards, including an original Ty Cobb card. I couldn’t believe he was being so casual with them. I took them and made color copies on hard durable paper to make them look as authentic as possible. Then I waited until the morning of April 1st, and I set them on the coffee table and made it look like I was using them as coasters. Ty Cobb had a coffee spoon resting on his face and the other ones were holding glasses of ice water that were dripping all over. He stared at them in disbelief for a minute and then let out a yell like I have not heard since; it was priceless!”

Why do we even HAVE an April Fool’s Day?

Whether you love the big day or hate it, the calendar’s to blame.

Back in 1582, France’s King Charles IX, upon orders from Pope Gregory XIII, adopted the Gregorian calendar we still use today. As a result, New Year’s Day (or week as it was known back then) was moved from March 25-April 1 to one day: January 1.

News traveled slowly back then so it took a while for people to learn of the new calendar. Some refused to accept it and continued to celebrate the New Year on April first. Others ridiculed them, calling them “fools” and a tradition developed to play jokes on them, inviting them to nonexistent parties and sending them on bogus errands.  The tradition spread to Britain and Scotland in the 1700s and from there came to the American colonies.


2 Responses to “Fooled ya!”

  1. But for the love of God, please do NOT get confused between the face-painting and the super-gluing!

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