“I’m a kid”

GRIN #71

The explanation of the Easter Bunny continued late Saturday night.

On our way home from my sister’s, Tyler asked:

Is the Easter Bunny just a man in a suit or is it a real rabbit with fur?”

I could tell he’d been thinking about it. Jerry was conveniently silent.

I sighed. Honestly, I was about ready to give up the EB gig at that point. Getting my story straight was like navigating the Bermuda Triangle.

“I guess it’s a real rabbit,” I said. “A man in a suit is just too creepy.”

“Can I sleep with you guys tonight?” Tyler asked as we made our way into the house.


“I’m scared he’s going to come into my room.”

“Tyler, the Easter Bunny is magic and he’s NICE, just like Santa Clause. He’s in that whole nice magical group.”

“Like the elves?”

“Right. Like the elves.”

“And the tooth fairy?”


Wrong answer for a boy who’s highly suspicious of the the Tooth Fairy. Frankly, the kid doesn’t want anyone skulking around our house at night. Except Santa. He’s got a kitchen pass on account of all the toys.

Finally, Jerry spoke up: “Don’t worry. We’ll write a note and tell the Easter Bunny to stay downstairs.”

Ninety seconds later, Jerry, an all-but-diagnosed narcoleptic, was asleep. It’s amazing how he does that.

Here’s the note Tyler wrote:

I started it and he finished it. He thought to ask for a DS at the very end (a handheld video game).

I told him Fat Chance.

That’s Santa’s Department.

And never the two shall meet.


2 Responses to ““I’m a kid””

  1. Tim DeWees Says:

    Can you write a note for me? That bunny in that photo creeps me out!

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