Amanda Lamb

GRIN # 72

Amanda Lamb is a crime reporter for WRAL TV-5 by day and a novelist by night. Actually, she writes all the time, and I’m proud to call her a friend. We’ve been in the same writing group for a few years now and her feedback is always invaluable.

Amanda’s second true crime book “Evil Next Door” is on bookshelves today, and she’ll be doing a book signing at Quail Ridge Books on Thursday at 7:30 pm. “Evil Next Door” is about the 2002 murder of Stephanie Bennett, a 23-year-old Raleigh woman found dead in her North Raleigh apartment. For years, Raleigh Police Detectives hunted for a suspect, using DNA evidence in their search. Finally, one tip broke the case wide open. Lamb writes a haunting story and gives an insider perspective as to how these cases are ultimately solved.

While “Evil Next Door” might not make you grin, Lamb’s first book “Smotherhood” is hysterical.  Below, an excerpt. Lamb is being chastised by a nurse because she has not purchased a “scrotum holder,” required for her husband to leave the hospital post-vasectomy. She doesn’t even know what one is and has a newborn and three-year-old to contend with.

“I imagined a man leaving the building without a scrotum holder and his testicle falling off in the parking lot, rolling beneath a car. The wife would have to hand him the baby. She would be down on her hands and knees with a coat hanger trying to fish it out. “Hold on, I think I can get it. There’s a darn oil slick under here that I’m trying to avoid. Wait, wait, I got it! Do you think the doctor can sew it back on?”

Lamb suffers further humiliation trying to find one as different pharmacy techs practically snort her out of the store. It’s a great read. Visit for more info. and times and signings on Evil Next Door.

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