Sadists get results

GRIN # 73

I’ve told you before my sometimes-motto: “If it’s too hard, give up.”

This is not foolish. I’ve learned over the years that there are some things that are too hard for me. Painting, for one. I tried to stencil a border around the ceiling in the bathroom and fell off the ladder into the tub. A few years later I tried again, attempting to paint our two-story foyer. I cried, and Jerry had to finish it. I think he cussed the whole time. He was pretty mad.

I get really excited about certain projects, and then realize “Damn, that is a lot of work.” It’s okay. I’m recognizing my weaknesses. That’s actually smart.

Landscaping is another example. Buying the plants and shrubs is one thing–digging all the holes and shoveling mulch is quite another. Basically I like the results, the “After” photo, like you see on HGTV–but not the work that has to transpire to get from “Before” to “After.”

Go ahead and say it. I’m lazy. Undisciplined. Maybe.


So, why am I thinking of signing up to work out with a personal trainer? It would be in a group with other women–but still.

Trainers are sadists; everyone knows that. They cause pain and suffering. They walk the gym with their exhausted clients, the latter of which are clearly on the verge of heart failure. Doesn’t matter. “Ten more. Nine, eight, seven…”  There are weights to lift and miles to run. Get your big-girl panties on.

But…they get results. Or so I hear.

I’m giving it a test run this morning.

Please. Someone talk me out of it.


5 Responses to “Sadists get results”

  1. Chris Donaldson Says:

    Actually, the trainer is a good idea. Sometimes, having someone hold us accountable is the extra incentive we need to push through otherwise unpleasant tasks. If your trainer is any good, you will be muttering curses under your breath the entire time. His/Her job is to push you harder than you would push yourself, or make you train when you normally would skip it for some couch time. Also, the trainer will make sure you perform the exercises correctly. If you had a painting trainer, you wouldn’t have fallen off the ladder into the tub.

    Maybe that’s what we all need, a life trainer. “Hey man, this tax return is a beast. Can you spot me?”

    Good luck and persevere. The results will be worth it in the long run

  2. Let us know how it goes, Chrissy. Who’s the trainer?

    • How it went was that I can barely walk, my quads and hamstrings hurt so bad!!! I’ve never done so many lunges in my entire life. I knew I was right!! They are sadists!!! I think I’m going to have to go back to my sometimes-motto.

  3. If this guy is gonna be your trainer…where do I sign up?

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