Waiting and writing

GRIN # 75

(Sorry, readers. Posted this yesterday, but am just realizing it didn’t post. Will post another shorty later today. Still trying to reach 365!)

Sigh. Still can’t walk that well. Agony going down the stairs. The best way to do it is to either use the wall for support or go down backward on all fours.

And don’t even get me started on the bathroom. I am so mad at myself for lunging when I should have just quit. See, kids, quitting is sometimes the right thing to do.

So now I’m waiting. And writing. Two deadlines today.

As long as I don’t move it’s okay. Sometimes I get a little muscle spasm when I’m standing and my knee buckles. I almost busted at the Harris Teeter yesterday. An employee was trying to show me where the raisins were, and I just couldn’t keep up with him. “This is as fast as I can go,” I told him mournfully.

My own son is making fun of me. He moans, clutching his legs, and then falls to the floor yelling, “My legs, my legs!”

I’ve tried Advil, massage and epsom salts. It still hurts like hell.

The only thing that helps is Easter candy–that and some good meds left over from one of Jerry’s bike crashes. So, in addition to quitting when the going gets rough, here’s another take-away lesson: Keep old pills. You can be someone’s Pharm-a-friend.

I will never do another lunge as long as I live. That’s a promise.


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