What are your 3 favorites?

GRIN # 79

Talk about depressing!

I was researching a story last night and discovered unemployment in NC is 11.8 percent; 9.6 percent in the Triangle.

Man! We all probably know someone who is looking for employment or worried about their job status.

Stop! This isn’t GRIN-worthy.

Part of my research challenges people to think about the things that make them happy in an effort to discover their authentic selves.

(It’s part of a much bigger picture of people reinventing themselves in a down market).

Anyway, I found this intriguing.

Can you do it? Below, a few rules:

  • You can’t be destructive or obscene;
  • Try to think of  things that are free; if you can’t, stay under $20 (so you can include your coffee!)

I’ll go first. Three things that bring me joy, make me happy:

  • A hot shower: Frankly, a shower is a little like a religious experience for me. Don’t take that the wrong way. I just love a nice, hot shower. Two years ago for my anniversary, I had Jerry weld through the piece in the shower head that conserves water. Go ahead, report me!! It was so worth it. If anyone has a black market shower head from the 80s–the kind that practically knocks your ass down–let me know. I’d pay big money.
  • A good night’s sleep: I’m the same way about sheets as I am showerheads. When I go shopping with my mom and sis and they can’t find me, they always go to the linen department, where I’m lovingly stroking the sheets and checking labels for thread counts. I know; it’s really weird. I love, love, love a good night’s sleep. Who doesn’t?
  • The sun on my face: After a long cold winter, there’s nothing better than feeling the sun on my face as I go out to get the mail or, even better, plop a big old lawn chair in the driveway and settle in with my newspaper. I look like I’m waiting for a bus, but I don’t care!

OKAY. YOUR TURN!! What makes you happy?

The smell of honeysuckles? The sound of rain at night? Fresh coffee brewing?

C’mon people. Let’s imagine our way to GRINS today.


12 Responses to “What are your 3 favorites?”

  1. One of my very favorite things is my porch garden. I love to watch my plants grow and to actually be able to grow food on them! I just discovered how much I enjoy this last year, when I stopped spending so much money on entertainment. With all the plants on my porch, it’s my favorite place to be when I’m at home!

    • Awesome:)) Sometimes when we’re forced to cut back (or maybe you weren’t forced) we discover something even better. What do you grow Julie?

      • I had incredible luck with jalapeno peppers last year, so this year, I’m expanding into banana and bell peppers too. My luck wasn’t quite the same with tomatoes, but I’m trying those again anyway. I’m also growing oregano and thyme. That’s in addition to my random flowers and houseplants. Oh…and trying out cucumbers this year too, though I don’t expect much from that crop since I’ve only got the porch to grow on.

  2. Chris Donaldson Says:

    A near perfect performance has got to be one of the greatest kicks for me. Nothing beats the rush when you really nail something in front of a crowd. Even better when it’s with my band, because we can all share in that feeling.

    Watching my son accomplish something new. That smile and innocent excitement when he realizes he’s succeeded is absolutely priceless. Fortunately, at 4 years old, there are a lot of those moments, and his happy dance is adorable.

    Making a stranger smile. It just feels good to leave someone with a bit of sunshine. Might be the only smile they have all day.

    On a purely selfish note though, my favorite simple pleasure is having my hair washed. It’s so good, it’s almost obscene. Add to that the fact that the sinks are in a separate, darkened room with gentle music playing, and that I’m paying for it, and it has all the hallmarks of some seedy arrangement. Good stuff though.

    • I love it! Especially the last one. I’m the same way about having my hair washed. It’s heaven. Love the “seedy arrangement” part:)

  3. Ok, first I have to second all of the other pleasures, as I love them as well. To add, I love loving on my dogs. Pure joy! They never talk back, hurt my feelings or do anything but love me back! My other favorite is crossing the bridge to Atlantic Beach. Opening the windows and smelling the salty air!

  4. Well, I am also a sheet snob. There is nothing better than my bed with at least 600 count sheets.

    I LOVE to listen to the sea buoy when I am falling asleep at the beach, as well as the sound of the waves.

    And I love a hot jacuzzi bubble bath with a cold beverage and then getting in my awesome bed.

  5. For me it’s holding hands with either of my children. Something about that small, warm hand inside mine provides me with a joy I don’t get from anything else.

  6. Caryl Webb Says:

    I love all of these too! Another one……..your bare feet hitting the sand on the beach for the first time in the season. Also, that never ending view of the ocean. Lastly, and not related, that awesome feeling you get AFTER you’ve had a great workout (and no, I don’t mean Boot Camp!!)

    • Those are awesome. Especially, ocean view. It always makes me feel so little, like my problems aren’t big at all in such a great big world:) Happy Anniversary!!!

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