Men win!

GRIN# 82

I’ve always thought women were better than men at the whole friendship thing.

My friends and I talk about jobs, kids, illnesses, personal growth, ambitions, you name it. And we can talk for hours.

But after a night out with his buddies, my husband’s got nothing.

“How’s everybody doing?” I’ll ask. He’ll shrug his shoulders, “Good, I guess.”

“That’s it? That’s all you got? You guys are lame!”

But now I’m thinking: Maybe talk is cheap.

Our neighbor Dean has been mowing our yard pretty regularly for the past few summers. He borrows a riding mower from another neighbor and just mows both yards at the same time. He and my husband are good friends and neither one thinks a thing about it. My son actually thinks our yard is now Dean’s responsibility.

Whenever I lament that the grass is high and needs to be mowed, my son says, “Don’t worry; Mr. Dean will mow it.”

Jerry saves a beer for Dean once he’s done and has no shame whatsoever about kicking back and watching Dean cut row after row into the yard. If I’m at home when Dean starts mowing, my husband will look at me and say, “I thought he’d never get here.”

Women friends talk and connect and let each other borrow clothes and, occasionally, we’ll even cook for you, but only if you’re sick or just had a baby. I have friends I’ve known since I was in sixth grade, and I honestly can’t imagine walking into my house on a regular basis and hearing, “I was just emptying the dishwasher. Do you want a glass of wine?” Incredible.

Fine. I’m jealous. Maybe women really aren’t better than men at friendship.

Eating crow tastes especially bad when I’m unloading my own dishwasher.


2 Responses to “Men win!”

  1. Girl, if the day ever comes that you find me, Shelley or Michelle unloading your dishwasher, doing your laundry, or cleaning your bathroom…you know it’s bad! We would listen, give you a shoulder to cry on, laugh at your stupid jokes, and do math for you…but we do have some boundries…I’m just sayin’…

    • I hear you my sista. You know I wouldn’t do it for you either!!! LOL. I just need to make friends with the female equivalent of Dean!

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