On dads and driving…

GRIN #89

I’m at the beach today spending some time with my dad before Tyler tracks back in. Hopefully, Jerry is posting this.

Hopefully, too, we’re enjoying ourselves. I’m sure by now I’m probably a little nauseous from driving around, if I had to guess. My dad loves to drive around and check things out.

He could be in hot pursuit of a checker set, like he was when he first got here (before he went to spend some time at the beach). The checkers needed to be bigger and thicker, made of wood. The set we found was inferior. Hands poised on the steering wheel, he had a gleam in his eye, ready and willing for a lengthy pursuit.

My dad and I will likely spend a lot of time driving around at the beach. We might drive around and look at deer or drive on the beach. We’ll drive to dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. We’ll drive to get the paper. We’ll drive to check out other houses.

This is a little tiresome , but it’s not nearly as bad as the drive to the beach. As I’m getting older, I’m learning things about myself. And I’ve learned this: Driving makes me tired, cranky, grumpy and fat. Don’t question that last one. I know driving makes me lumpy. It may have something to do with all the sitting–that and the Hot Fries, Starburst and Diet Dr. Pepper required to get through two back-to-back showings of Star Wars The Clone Wars blaring from the backseat and a surprise drip-n-dry bathroom stop at the BP gas station.

In the old days when we lived in Florida, I would sedate myself and Jerry would wake me up in the middle of the night and roll me into the car like an old dog, me blissfully unaware, as we made our way from Tallahassee to Raleigh.

But I can’t sedate myself if I’m the driver.

Can I??

No, I didn’t think so.


4 Responses to “On dads and driving…”

  1. Christa, are you from my hometown because that would be completely bizarre?

    • I doubt it, Jenn. I grew up in Cary. But we go to the beach at Emerald Isle so I kind of grew up there too, I guess:)

      • No, I’m from Tallahassee, which is a small town in its own way.

      • Oh Jenn, we lived in Tallahassee for three years! I wrote about it in the “On dads and driving” post. It was an awesome place to live. I love the Capitol building with the red and white awnings. And Wakulla Springs. And Havana. It was a great place, definitely a small town in its way even though it is the cap of FL.

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