Shark tales

GRIN #90

WHATADAY yesterday!

Tyler and I went out on the beach yesterday morning as soon as we woke up. We came across a baby shark that had washed up (or possibly been dumped by surf fisherman). As we were looking at its fin, we noticed it was still breathing–or gasping for air–or whatever it is fish do. It’s mouth was making a perfect “O.”

“Mom, it’s still alive!!!” Tyler said.


It was a baby, but it was still a shark, and I didn’t want to touch it–me being a girly girl. Still, I could be a hero, at least to my kid. I touched the back of it first to see if it would freak out, then held my breath and dragged it into the surf, squealing like an idiot the whole time. He rolled and flopped. He was dead. I grabbed it again and hauled it a little further out. The waves flopped his body over and over.

“We tried, T,” I said. “It has to save itself now.”

Suddenly, it just popped back to life and took off, it’s little mini-fins poking up through the water. I saw it two more times before it disappeared.

Cool. I felt pretty good about saving a life. Granted, it was a baby Jaws, but I’ll take what I can get.

Right before we left last night, I found a giant black shark’s tooth on the beach. I’ve never found a shark’s tooth and this one almost looks like some kid bought it at Burt’s Surf Shop and dropped it on the beach.

That might be true, but I want to go with my Hallmark version of the story.

I gave the ocean back its shark and it gave me a souvenir.

I”m gettin’ choked up just thinking about it:)


6 Responses to “Shark tales”

  1. Or it could have been a threat. “We’ll meet again, Crystal.”

  2. Yikes! Can’t believe I did that! I know who you are, I swear! Sorry….

  3. This tops them all for my Chrissy. 🙂 Beautiful story. And a well-deserved reward.

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