And never the two shall meet

GRIN #92

I’m starting to figure out why men and women misunderstand each other so often.

It’s not that Men are from Mars or Women are from Venus, as the book suggests.

It’s that we don’t listen. Neither of us.

Because our conversations are two parallel lines, never intersecting.

Like this:

Him: “I can’t believe taxes are due. It’s really going to hurt.”

Her:  “Mom’s birthday is next Saturday. I have to go by the restaurant and put down the deposit.”

Him: “You’re going to owe about $2,500. I hope you have it.”

Her: “The deposit is a hundred dollars. I’ll put it on a credit card.”

And on and on. It’s a clever disguise of having a conversation with someone else, but really we’re just talking to ourselves aloud.

Then, inevitably:

Him: “Do you have $2,500 for taxes?”

Her: What? I don’t have that kind of money!”


Her: “Be ready to leave by 5:30.”

Him: “For what?”

Her: “Mom’s birthday!!”

Him: “%*&@!!  That’s tonight?”

The common denominator is a loud refrain: “I told you! You never listen!”

We do listen!! Just not to each other.

But we haven’t bludgeoned each other yet either (hopefully). So we have a starting point for better communication…

Low as it may be.


3 Responses to “And never the two shall meet”

  1. Actually….. Men are from URANUS. hahahah

  2. OH Chrissy, This made me laugh so!! Charlie and I constantly have this challenge – I know that I have told him things and he just doesn’t hear me because he’s on some other agenda. And conversely, he accuses me of the same – although I’m sure I give him MY undivided attention always!!

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