“That’s embarrassing”

GRIN #96

Tyler’s birthday is May 10th and I’ve been talking about bringing a cake or special snack to his class that day.

But he doesn’t want me to.

“It’s embarrassing when everybody looks at you and they sing happy birthday,” he said.

“Okay. Then I just won’t come,” I said.


“They’re still probably going to sing,” he said. By now he was curled up in the fetal position in the recliner. This was obviously bothering him.

“I’ll write a note to the teacher and ask her not to sing on your birthday because you’re shy.”

“No!! Don’t do that. If you say that, I’ll be MORE shy. And nervous.”

“Well, don’t you think she’s going to wonder why?”


I sighed. “Fine. I’ll just write a note that says, ‘Please do not sing to Tyler on his birthday. Mrs. Gala.'”

“With GOOD handwriting, Mom. Not your regular scribbly, scrawly stuff. If she can’t read it, they’ll sing to me and then I’ll really be embarrassed.”

I grunted.

Embarrassing? Embarrassing is what happens at a bachelorette party when your friend tells the male dancer you don’t believe his, ahem, private parts are real.

And he tries (unsuccessfully I might add)  to prove it.

Now, THAT was embarrassing.


13 Responses to ““That’s embarrassing””

  1. I have this horrible fear of being sung to on my birthday at a restaurant. Just being near someone who is being sung to just about gives me hives! Matt and I have had an agreement forever that he will NEVER do this to me. So far so good!

    So I totally get where Tyler is coming from. Poor guy!!!!

    • Wow. This is good to know. It makes me feel better that it’s pretty common. Jerry is pretty much the same way. That whole singing in the restaurant thing—we were at Friday’s last week and they did it to some woman and he said, “I swear I would walk out if you did that to me.” !!!!!

      • Dan Bain Says:

        Oh, the restaurant thing is a whole different ballgame. Even I don’t crave that sort of attention. It’s just awkward to be sung to by strangers who would obviously rather be doing anything else.

      • Dan Bain Says:

        P.S. I know someone who DID walk out when some friends did that to him!

  2. Dan Bain Says:

    We went through the same thing with our older son. He used to freak out at the mere thought of being the center of attention. That’s faded some, but he’s still a far cry from my thirst for attention.

    • That’s what I was thinking Dan–‘Boy, Tyler sure didn’t get this from me!’ :))

      • Dan Bain Says:

        We’ve come pretty far in just a couple of years, though. This weekend he’s playing a saxophone solo during a band concert!

      • That’s a VERY long way, Dan!

      • Dan Bain Says:

        Not sure, but I suspect it’s a different feeling for him when he plays music. He probably doesn’t feel like he’s the center of attention.

        The point is, there’s hope! Although he still resists having his fingernails clipped.

  3. Dan Bain Says:

    Just got this message: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

  4. I totally forgot about the bachelorette party “event”…thanks for the chuckle when I did remember! Oh Whata’ Night!

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