What a breeze

GRIN #99

When it started getting really steamy Saturday afternoon, I had four kids on my back screened porch eating ice cream. My ceiling fan, when it’s running full blast, will normally keep it pretty cool, even when it’s pushing 100 degrees.

But I couldn’t get the fan to run at full speed. I yanked the chain three or four times, but it stayed on low.

I mentioned it to Jerry Saturday night.

“It’s probably a switch,” he said. “I can try to put a new one on. Or it could just be getting old.”

“You could get me a new ceiling fan for Mother’s Day,” I said, sweetly.

Yesterday I was messing with it again. Still no luck.

Jerry came out and yanked the chain a few times too. Then he started smiling.

“This is the chain for the light that’s burned out,” he said.

He yanked the other chain, the one I’d never tried, and the fan whirred to life.

The breeze was fantastic.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” Jerry said as he went inside.

“That SO doesn’t count! Do you hear me?”


5 Responses to “What a breeze”

  1. Oh Chrissy, that is too funny!

  2. You are a true blond : )

    • I know. Even though it’s dyed, I’m true blue. It’s sad when you look at yourself and admit, “Sometimes I’m just not that smart.”

  3. LOL…good thing your the pretty one!

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