GRIN# 103

A few days ago, Jerry called me and asked: “Have you been putting gas on my credit card?”

“Yes,” I said happily, thinking he’d be relieved there was no identity theft going on.

“For how long?”

“Basically forever.”

It’s true. I’ve been putting my gas on his credit card for as long as I can remember. I thought it was “our agreement.” Maybe it came about when Tyler was born, and I wasn’t working as much. I just can’t believe he didn’t realize it until now. But he’s driving less and riding his bike more.

“I’ve been trying to pay that card off,” Jerry said. “And I keep noticing about $300 each month in gas.”

“Yep. That’s me.”

“Well, stop it!”

I felt like I was getting fired.

Jerry amended somewhat. “At least cut it in half.”

I waited, thinking he might say, “Oh, never mind, you can keep doing it.”

But he didn’t.

Well. I was still halfway loved.

But then I thought about all the things I do halfway.

And I think it’s still a pretty good deal.


4 Responses to “Busted!”

  1. Our rule of thumb on credit cards is “if you must use them, only use them for a product that you will still have in 6 months”. Example, don’t use it for steak, but feel free to use it to buy the grill.

  2. Welcome to the “I feel like I got fired” room Chrissy….it’s good to know I’m not the only person sitting in that room! :o)

    What I’d really like to do is buy a BIG honkin’ gas grill and invite the president of Visa over and give him the check to pay for the grill; then take the Visa card; brush it with a coating of BBQ sauce, and then put it on the grill and once it had been cooked on both sides, put it on a bun and serve it to said President of Visa for lunch!

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