Jobs I would hate

GRIN # 108

1. Pedicurist: You know, the guy or gal who, ugh, saws away at your feet and picks all the crud out of them. I don’t even really get pedicures anymore because I feel so sorry for them. Hopefully they get comic relief by the stuff they talk about: “God, this woman has feet like cucumbers.” I forgive them; if talking smack helps them get through the day, so be it.

2.  The person in charge of the towel return at the gym? CAN YOU IMAGINE? Remember Sisyphus from Greek mythology? In Hades, he pushed a giant rock up a hill all day long. As soon as he got it to the top, it rolled back down again. That is this job! Remember the mailman who hid the mail because he didn’t have time to deliver it? I would be hiding dirty towels all over the place.

3. Accountant:   This is a perfectly fine profession with good job security and pay and blah blah blah. But it would drive me bananas. Because you have to BALANCE everything! As a high school senior, my ledger was 25 cents off, and I turned in the assignment with a quarter. “Whaddya mean I gotta balance it?” I couldn’t believe it. Then again, I used to check my bank balance by looking at the ATM receipt.

I’m missing some really obvious ones…Roto Rooter man, Chick-fil-A cow.

What would you hate, hate, hate to do all day?

9 Responses to “Jobs I would hate”

  1. Well, being a trash man would really suck. The smell just makes me hurl. OR being the guy that gets bats, snakes, racoons etc out of your house would be kinda horrible. Driving the honey dipper truck would be the worse(the guy that emptys porta potties)

  2. A couple of weeks ago, I was at The Umstead and noticed that the doormen are always standing around waiting for guests to arrive. When it’s slow, they still stand around and wait. They can’t multi-task….there is no checking email or Facebook. They just stand around all day with a happy little smile. How exhausting!!

    • Agreed on this, Julie. I once had a job like this and I really thought I’d go crazy. If you have to be at work, you might as well be busy.

  3. Any job that you have to go in the crawl space under the house is completely out for me, along with any type of exterminator position. Ewwwee!

    • I am with you on that one Heath! I would rather be the guy who cleans the porta-potty, than the guy who comes in contact with spiders. I can barely even type that word without my heart racing…

  4. I would hate to be the guy in charge of painting the railing at the sewer treatment plant.

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