Very Jerry jobs

GRIN #114

Most of you know my hubby Jerry owns Apex Autoworks with his BUSINESS partner Greg Cole. Owning your own business is rewarding, but, dang, it can be hard too. Sunday at T’s soccer game, Jerry was grumbling about some of the people he comes across. Occasionally, people take it out on the guys because their car is out of commission.

Note: Don’t be ugly to folks trying to help you–from the lady ringing you up at Target to the guy at the doctor’s office who’s weighing you. It’s not his fault he has to keep pushing the measure further to the right. That’s all you, baby.

Anyhoo, we started brainstorming Jerry’s “perfect” job, the sole requirement being NOT working with the public. This is what we came up with:

Embalmer: Folks don’t talk back. They’re satisfied customers, and if you want to give one a hideous comb-over, who’s gonna know?

eBay pack-and-shipper: Hanging out by the conveyor belt with your ear buds in, wrapping and taping all the crap people buy. Hung-over? Irritated? Constipated? Doesn’t matter. If you get pissed, you can damage the product with no retribution. Customer service gets the complaint.

Dog groomer: Despite that wet-dog smell and the occasional bite, it wouldn’t be a bad gig. You get unconditional love and a listening ear.

Honorable mentions: Competitive eater and beer tester.


BTW, if you’re on Facebook, check out the Apex AutoWorks page. Jerry’s decided to post tips, discounts, crazy license plates and totally trashed cars. Could be fun.


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