Here’s one way to announce you’re single

GRIN # 115


9 Responses to “Here’s one way to announce you’re single”

  1. Actually, that’s how men announce they’re NO LONGER single! 😉

    • DAMN!! Seriously? So I got it backwards? How did you know this, Dan, and how is it that I got the opposite? That’s funny!

      • Nah, you didn’t get it “wrong” — you went with a less cynical interpretation. I think you have to have a Y chromosome to see it the other way….

  2. Michelle Says:

    LOL .. grin of the day is your blonde moment for getting the shirt wrong.. either way… not a nice shirt.. LOL

    • That was exactly what I thought when I saw it the other morning! Thanks for the giggle Chris…now the world gets to experience what it’s like to be your friend. We have been grin’ing over your blond moments for 25 years or more!

  3. I came home from Myrtle Beach with that shirt about a year after Sarah and I got married. She was not amused.

  4. Why not? It’s better than insisting that the “game” can continue….

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