Are you related to anyone famous?

GRIN # 116

Remember that urban legend that says everyone’s just six people away from knowing Kevin Bacon?

When it comes to being related to famous people, a lot of folks I know are just three people away.

One friend is related to Dubya Bush on her Mom’s side. Another friend’s ‘ dad is Suzanne Somers’ second cousin. And a writer friend I know is descended from British royalty. Other famous relatives of people I know include: Heather Locklear, Jerry Garcia, Clay Aiken, Pulitzer Prize winning writer Dan Neil and Chef Michael Lomonaco from the Food Network.

I wanted to add to this impressive list.

My genealogical search went nowhere fast. First, I asked my mom where we were from originally.

“Arkansas,” she said. I figured I better get right to the point.

Turns out my dad’s cousin’s son is one of the founders of Five Guys.

And some distant relative on my mother’s side was Mr. Green Jeans of Captain Kangaroo fame.

Do you see the resemblance?

Don’t answer that.


3 Responses to “Are you related to anyone famous?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    ROFL… Mr Green Jeans??!!… bahahah thank you for that this am… that is great…

  2. Obviously I have nothing to add for the what famous person I am related to portion of this post, since my dad is related to Suzanne. I am curious about what you mean by Five Guys. Is that, Five Guys Burgers? If so, I want to know more. I wonder if there are five guys that invested in that business. I know one of them is Coran Capshaw. Ever heard of him? He is Dave Matthews manager and involved in many a cool things. Like ATO records and Bonnaroo…

    • Yes, the burger chain. It’s not Coran Capshaw…that’s not ringing a bell. My dad told me but it was when we were on the way to the airport and I was trying to remember where the Cary Five Guys was b/c my dad wanted to eat at it before he flew out–so he could say he did:) It was good too!

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