No whale tails

GRIN # 117

A loyal reader recently told me about a thong sighting at an elementary school–on a grown-up. Tsk, tsk.

That’s just kinda pathetic. Hopefully it was a wardrobe malfunction.

Just in case, though, a public service announcement—at least on behalf of most of the women I know. (I don’t know what the guys think of this…)

Ladies, we don’t wanna see your underpants–especially the thong “whale tail” that you think looks cool poking out of your jeans.

Maybe you have a nice butt and you’re not afraid to floss it, but that’s one grin we can do without.



8 Responses to “No whale tails”


  2. “Whale Tail” ? I’m lost.

    • Sigh. You’re so out of it. You just want me to post a picture and I’m not doing it! It’s when a woman’s g-string is visible b/c her pants are so low. It’s called a “whale tail.”

  3. Ha!!! Good try Jerry.

  4. I was volunteering at a theatre recently and witnessed the absolute worst whale sighting ever……a woman was wearing light colored summer capris with a dark whale underneath….the whale tail came out as she bent over right in front of me to pick up her purse before getting on the bus to take her back to the retirement village….my eye doctor said the burning to my eyes will go away with the drops he gave me….my shrink said a shot of whiskey at night will help me get the horroble picture out of my head! šŸ™‚

  5. Thongs? G-Strings? What are these things in which you speak?

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