Let them eat cake

GRIN# 119

Have to give a shout-out to the husband today: Happy Birthday, Jerry!!! 41 years young.

I made him an ice-cream sandwich cake last night.

T “helped.” (With kids, that verb always has to go in quotation marks).

Gave T the job of crushing Oreos in a baggie, which he did with the floor lamp.

Whatever works.

Shortly after, realized I was missing chocolate pudding mix and that I had forgotten to thaw the Cool Whip, so we headed BACK to the grocery store, where I’m convinced that if I die and go to Hell, that’s where I’ll end up–in self-checkout. I got suckered into buying gum. Too tired to argue.

Once home, we did our best to mush together half-frozen Cool Whip, crushed Oreos, fudge sauce and chocolate instant pudding.

Time to stack those bad boys up–four across, three layers. Kinda like making a 5,000-calorie lasagna. Fudge/Oreo mixture goes between the layers.

Race to frost with the remaining Cool Whip because, oh yeah, your shit is melting. And, yes, those are frozen globs of Cool Whip on the corner. What of it?

You know my motto: Sometimes good enough is good enough.

To get the recipe and see better pictures, visit: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/oreo-fudge-ice-cream-106562.aspx


3 Responses to “Let them eat cake”

  1. Michelle Says:

    It sounds Wonderful!! that is my birthday cake for this year… Just kidding girl wouldn’t do that to you.. I would settle for those ice cream cupcakes from Food Lion.. LOL GOOD JOB!!!

  2. The cake looks positively yummy!!!! Martha Stewart beware!!!! You need to be on Food Network Chrissy!!! If they don’t take you, let me know and I’ll go over there and have some words with ’em!!!! 🙂

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