They deserve that!

GRIN # 120

You don’t want to admit it because it’s politically incorrect.

I understand. I do.

But sometimes,don’t you just want to stick it to people who deserve it?

Of course you do! I do too!

So I’m gonna go ahead and confess. Being a Southern girl, I do it passive-aggressively. I know I shouldn’t but:

  • When telemarketers call for Jerry, sometimes I tell them he doesn’t live here anymore, either in a sad voice or a mad voice, and see what they say. They call during dinner. I signed up for the no-call list. They deserve that.
  • When I’m shopping and the clothes are packed so tightly that nothing moves on the rack, a big clump inevitably falls off the hangers. I don’t pick the clump up. Space that crap out! Or keep it in the back  until you have room.
  • In traffic, when someone uses the turn lane to zip to the front, I don’t let him in! Hell, no! Didn’t you learn about “no cutting” in school? Wait in line like the rest of us.

I know, I know. The first two are trying to make a living. And I feel guilty, but not enough to stop. We all have to deal with some crap in our jobs.

Join the fray.

What do you do that you know you shouldn’t?


8 Responses to “They deserve that!”

  1. When telemarketers call, it’s also fun to give the phone to a very young child.

  2. I hate the “cutting in line” thing too. Really bugs me, AND I will NOT let them in. It’s just rude to race up to the front and then expect that you should be let in. Also when people park really, really close to you in the parking lot. If I cannot get into my car comfortably then, Oh Yeah, I will let my car door hit their vehicle so I can get into mine. Go back to driving school or park your P.O.S somewhere else.

  3. When they call me, I sound reallllly excited and then tell them no one has offered me anything since my bankruptcy.

  4. Bethypoo Says:

    You should cry to them and tell them how your hubby left you and someone took your dog. Make certain they don’t get a word in edgewise and tell them you are looking forward to them calling you tomorrow night. Play with them a bit!!

  5. Tom Moog Says:

    I remember driving up US1 one day on the way to work. Just north of Cary is that left lane that ends (with PLENTY of warning). Here came a mercades at warp nine up that lane right towards the end of that lane. I tried to no avail to speed up and keep him from getting in front of me. I did manage to speed up enough to give him a good run. The lane ran out causing him to continue passing me on the shoulder, kicking up dirt and rocks. He got on the pavement and disappeared ahead of me… 3 miles later, he was on the side of the road with a flat! VICTORY!!! (don’t you know that you aren’t supposed to pass on the shoulder?!) I went by blowing the horn, waving… Jerk.

    • Woo-hoo, Tom! The only thing that comes close is having some jerk pass you and then you see him up the road pulled over by a state trooper:)

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