Men and money

GRIN # 121

Men are kind of weird with their money.

For example, they don’t spend change. It multiplies, instead, on the dresser or in giant containers someone else buys.

Of course, if men did spend change, they would have to carry murses and that’s as bad as long fingernails on a man so I’ll concede that point.

Also, men rarely use coupons or get a “doggie bag” at a restaurant. One could conclude men don’t like to save money.

That can’t be right. Lord knows I’ve heard much to the contrary.

Men don’t hide their money either. My father forever left money lying all over the place–coins, bills.

Jerry does the same. Damn if there wasn’t $36 right on his dresser yesterday. The most I ever have in my wallet is about eight bucks. It seems men always carry a few twenties, tens, fives and ones.

I put $5 in an envelope for Tyler’s end-of-the-year teacher gift and another $6 in my own wallet.

If you take the big bills, they notice.

I know. I’m a thief. I prefer the kinder, gentler term “pilferer.” But this kind of ties in with my blog yesterday. If you don’t have the sense to spend your money or at least keep it in your wallet…maybe you deserve that.

One time I happened upon Jerry’s “cash stash,” only it was so poorly hidden and in such a common place I thought he must be careless and had forgotten all about it.

I’d paid a babysitter, a pizza deliveryman and the pedicurist before I found out it was  his “cash stash.”

I felt badly. And apologized.

He found a better hiding place.

I’m still looking.


2 Responses to “Men and money”

  1. Nothing like being 80 miles into a 120 mile ride (95-100 degrees outside) stopping at a store to get water/gatorade and BAAMMMMM! No money in the baggie! The loving wife got it!

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