Beautiful Crissy

GRIN #123

Growing up, whenever I would tell anyone my name was “Chrissy,” they’d say, “Oh, like that dumb girl on Three’s Company?”

Yep. Just like that.

There was also the fabulous, if uncreative, rhyming that I got from a few boys: “Chrissy, pissy, chrissy, pissy.”

Yesterday, I found something with my name in it that I can listen to when I’m feeling particularly blue.

It’s a commercial for  a “Crissy” doll from the seventies.

Crissy’s her hair gets shorter when you turn a knob on her back and grows when you push a button on her navel.  Unimpressive superpowers to be sure, but I’ll take them if I get my own theme song.

Check it out on You Tube:

Thanks to reader Sylvia Tastet for sending this my way:)

PS: Bonus points to anyone who can count the number of times they sing “beautiful.”


11 Responses to “Beautiful Crissy”

  1. Had to listen to that song all night last night! Yes, T and I see the resemblance.

    • I made Tyler watch it again this morning. And then I sang while I was making his lunch: “Beautiful Crissy is making a lunch. Beautiful Crissy is putting on shoes.” I’m like!!!

  2. OK, so the button on her back shortens her hair and the button on her navel lengthens it… what happens when you pull the the Crissy doll’s finger? 😉

  3. I can appreciate this as I was named after Barbie’s little sister!

  4. That Chrissy doll i s so funny I hope the toy companys bring her back I will buy you one

  5. Bethypoo Says:

    You crack me up!! I loved that doll but she had a sort of Crystal Gail thing working didn’t she? I always wanted her. Did people really relate your name to Three’s Company….see I never even thought that when I met you….

  6. Too funny! I loved the Crissy doll! Be glad you didn’t have a name that no one could pronounce growing up! I was called Carl, Carly, Cheryl……….the US Army even sent me letters trying to get Mr. Caryl to join! Oh yeah, at UNC-W when I was checking in as a Freshman, they had me listed in the boys dorm! Oh well, didn’t like it too much growing up, but I like it now — you know, its good to be different and all that…..

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