Thanks a lot, kid!

GRIN # 128

What a great weekend! Swimming, bike riding, time with family. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

On Saturday before it got too hot, I went on a walk. I saw a neighborhood acquaintance riding with her husband and kids in the neighborhood. The kids were riding ahead of the parents. She stopped and we talked for a few minutes until the whole brood circled back around to get her.

About an hour later as I was headed home I could hear bikes approaching me from behind.

Hey! Mrs. Old Lady, you better get out of the way!” It was the littlest boy of the same family.

I looked around to see who he was talking to, ready to offer the woman a sympathetic smile. “You know, kids…”

But there was only me.

I was Mrs. Old Lady.

Here, with just three weeks until my 20th reunion–a knife plunged into my self-confidence.

Thanks a lot, kid.

8 Responses to “Thanks a lot, kid!”

  1. Pull that knife out throw it back at that kid!! You are a young, hot momma and don’t let anyone tell you any different!!:>)) (especially some silly little kid, what do they know anyway!!!)

  2. I think anyone over 15 is old to a very young kid. I remember when I thought people in their 20’s were old. The very, very old wore lipstick and hairspray (that’s me now). Kids are cute and fun to bike ride with and stuff, but you can’t take them too seriously.

  3. I believe the appropriate response to such an incident would be a strong stick through the spokes.

  4. Sylvia Tastet Says:

    Ouch baby, very ouch! How dare he talk to Beautiful Chrissy that way?

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