It feels like Monday…

GRIN #134

Not feeling so hot this morning. I guess I’ve got a summer cold, complete with a yucky sinus headache.

I sound like a pekingese.

I was yelling at Tyler for mouth-breathing this morning and realized it was me.

When I don’t feel good, I eat. And take Benadryl.

As soon as I finish eating these cookies I bought last night, I’m taking them up to the shop to get rid of them.

I need to take the ice cream too, but I don’t want to.

I’ve fallen off the wagon.

The good news of the day is that later we’re getting a new “terlit.”

That’s how I say “toilet” now ever since I saw a sign at the beach that said, “Please don’t flush sanitary supplies down the terlit.”

She spelled it how it sounded.

To her.

You know it’s Monday when you’re looking forward to a new terlit.


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