“Sounds good, girl,” said Mama.

GRIN # 135

Have you ever ACCIDENTALLY spoken to a colleague like you would a spouse or friend?

I’ve done this twice in the last two months.

The first time, a graphic artist I work with (a young guy in his late twenties) emailed me with questions about a story layout. I typed out my answers (while I was on the phone with someone else) and signed the email “Mama.”

Now, “Mama” is what my kid called me when he was really little and it kind of stuck in my tiny family. So when I write Jerry an email, often I’ll sign it “Mama.”

Well as soon as I hit the “send” button, I wanted to jump through the monitor and grab back my message. He was going to think I was some kind of terrible perv!!

Instead, I sent him an email apologizing, trying to explain what happened. We both had a good laugh. Occasionally, when I send him an email he’ll write back “Okay, Mama.” A good sport, thankfully.

Then YESTERDAY, I was talking to a source for a story, a very nice man named “Lou” who is organizing this amazing fundraiser. We were winding up the call and, to be honest, I had to pee. He was telling me all the things he was going to send me: pictures of his event, fundraising numbers from last year and projections for this year. Very professional.

“Sounds good, girl,” I said.

“Oh, I called you girl. You’re not a girl.” (UGGHGHG. Shut up, fool! You’re making it worse!)

Lou was silent. By now I had to pee in the worst way, plus I was so embarrassed I just hung up.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

Is my mind going?

Please tell me you’ve said “I love you” to the cable guy or the bag boy at least once!!




8 Responses to ““Sounds good, girl,” said Mama.”

  1. Sooooo I actually just did this on friday and it was SO embarrassing. At work, i sit in a large room with the rest of our legislative staff (6 ppl) including one of my bosses, the Legislative Director. Occasionally throughout the day members of the staff will share news updates or stories, and then we all chime in, bla bla bla. On Friday, my Leg Director told us all that Jordan Van Der Sloot was suspected for killing ANOTHER young woman in South America and I instinctively go “SHUT UP, nuh uh!!!!” with my really loud Williams voice, of course. Our whole back office starts laughing and i start apologizing and it was just horrible. Blonde moment for sure…

  2. OH MY GOSH!!

  3. whoops…didn’t finish my message. I am laughing SO hard…because I know you are talking about Trav (he calls me Gams and not because I’m a grandma)!!!
    And….Lou…..I know him too so this is funny as well!!!
    You are so funny Christa! Thanks for the laughs everyday!

  4. Mama, I thought this would be our little secret?!

    Oh well…now the beans have been spilled!

  5. OMG — you are cracking me up over here! Not too long ago, we had the entire Sales & Mktg team in our conference room planning for our national meeting, and one of the parties was going to be a “tailgate” theme. Our VP Sales was talking about bringing in some hay bales for decoration and without thinking, I said real loud (like a Williams), “what do HAIL BAILS have to do with tailgating?!” The entire meeting stopped and needless to say everytime we talked about the meeting, there was mention of the HAIL BAILS (said in a voice like you are from Wilson, NC!)

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