MURSE trend traced back to Cary High School graduate

GRIN # 136

In 1988, Cary High School student Jeff Dix unknowingly launches the “man-purse” trend after holding his date’s purse and realizing “Hey, this feels kind of nice.”

The leather clutch went well with the young man’s pink shirt and he found it a useful place to store his valuables. Unfortunately, his date was not amused. After a brief struggle, she removed his chap stick, money and condoms (which would never be used) and reclaimed her purse for the homecoming event.

Twenty-two years later, the “man-purse” lives on.


10 Responses to “MURSE trend traced back to Cary High School graduate”

  1. I knew it!!! It’s good to hear that he’s “out of the closet” so-to-speak on the whole murse issue now. 😀

  2. Jeff Dix Says:

    Waaaayyyy to skinny to be me!

  3. I can not believe you did this to Jeff! Thank goodness he is such a great guy w/an amazing sense of humor…otherwise I would be worried about the pics he could post of you at your reunion!

  4. TOO FUNNY!!! You go Jeff!!! What a sport!! I hope you don’t have any incriminating pictures of me!!

  5. Jeff — I remember all the women commenting on how strikingly handsome you were that day.

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